Starting Up

Just starting up. Trying to kick start our blog is harder than turning over this 30 year old Honda with the bad choke and the seat not actually attached. Hopefully it goes a little smoother, since Pat and I never quite got that bike to stay running, and we intend to keep this blog going well through the completion of the Monkey Run.

"The Whaty Run?" you might be asking youself… and if you are, click here to read some details.

But basically we're headed out on a ridiculous adventure race for charity. In less than three weeks we'll be careening across Morocco, from the western Sahara Desert, through the Atlas Mountains, past Marrakech, and out on to the finish line on the coast… all on a tiny 50cc monkey bike with a top speed of maybe 25mph (imagine the tiny motorcycles bears used to ride in the circus). 

"Why in the do what now?" you might have just stammered.

Well, it's an adventure, and it's for charity. The more ridiculous the adventure the more attention we can attract to the cause, and it's a cause worth attention. We're raising money for Cool Earth, a charity that helps ensure there will always be wild places of intrigue and adventure by putting land ownership in the hands of indigenous people to protect at risk cultures and environments.

To that end we'll be holding a charity auction on, since Cool Earth is based in England. But an eBay account from any country will work to bid and donate. More info on that in a later post! 

You can also donate to Cool Earth directly here.

So follow us! Watch our adventure unfold… and maybe fall apart and crumble, only to be re-assembled with duck tape as we hobble across the finish line. 

Save this site and watch us save the world. Share this site, and help save the world.

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