The Monkey Run


What's it?

It's not something you just do: put on a blindfold and walk in to the Sahara Desert then try to find your way to the coast of Morocco on a monkey bike.

No; because it's a ridiculous premise — think about it — the bike would have to be waiting for you in a sufficiently lost location, and you would have to find your way to it blindfolded.

There's no way you could pull that off alone. That's what The Adventurists are for!

They'll take us to the bikes, making sure we have no idea where we are (somewhere in the western Sahara Desert). Then they'll invite us to a party 1000km in seven days, and leave much faster than we can follow.

…and that's all they do. Well, some admin, paperwork, higher purpose, etc. But there is no given route. There is no follow car. There's no emergency contact or pit stops. Just a week of driving very slow. A thousand kilometers of Saharan Desert, Atlas Mountains, and begging kind Moroccan people for assistance with our inevitably-failing, horribly-impractical vehicles. 

It still might not be something you'd do, but it's what we're doing in about two weeks. So then you might ask…

Why the why?

Because the world needs adventure, and we need to see adventure when we can't adventure, so the world needs adventurers, and sometimes adventurers need The Adventurists. But you know what adventure itself needs? Places full of adventure.

The Adventurists know this, so they're working with a charity called Cool Earth to help protect those wild and adventurous places around the world by putting them in the hands of the indigeousness cultures that will tend to them. 

Cool Earth is the official charity of the Monkey Run, and we're auctioning off some art and memorabelia to raise money for the cause. 

So follow our adventure. Laugh when we fall. Cry laughing when we crash. Call us idiots when we get lost! We're game for all of it, and we want you there with us. We're going for you, and for the world. And we don't need your money, but the world does. So check out our auction, or hit that donate button. For adventure!

The Adventurists themselves on the Pioneer Monkey Run.

The Adventurists themselves on the Pioneer Monkey Run.